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What is Deep Tissue Massage?

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(Also known as deep tissue therapy or orthopaedic massage)

Deep tissue therapy is a type of massage that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Using slower strokes and deeper pressure the therapist will concentrate on areas of tension and pain, and on the areas believed to be contributing to the imbalance, particularly when postural distortion is present. This type of work is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back and hip tightness, and tight shoulders resulting in loss of range of motion and numbness and/or tingling in the hands.

Chronically tightened muscles usually have adhesions, bands of painful, rigid tissue, that can restrict circulation so that the muscles do not get all of the oxygen and nutrients that the circulation brings. This can cause pain, limited movement, and inflammation. Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down these adhesions to restore normal range of movement and relieve pain. At certain points during the massage there can be some discomfort and pain. It is very important that you communicate with the therapist so that they can monitor your comfort during the session.

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Sandy's massages helped my swimming a ton. When I was a sophmore in high school my back tightened up so badly I couldn't bend over, do flip turns or push off the walls in the pool. When I came to see Sandy, she worked on my back for an hour twice and in a week I could move without pain and felt much looser and comfortable. She focused on my legs, psoas, hip flexors, and gluts which I did not know that those muscles controlled the way my hips and back sat and was the ultimate cause of my back tightness. I would always go see Sandy before big swim meets, such as Olympic trials, World University Games, Pan American games and Nationals. Having her work on me before meets helped to loosen my body up and flush out toxins. It also helped to relax my body so that I could swim faster and easier without getting as tired or need as much recovery afterwards. Even when I went to college and only came home twice a year I would go and see her whenever I had the chance to help loosen up my back so that I would feel better in the pool.

Ava Ohlgren
Competitive Swimmer
Auburn University 2010

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